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Galaxy Ventures & its principals have been responsible for and/or contributed to 9-figure value-creation from various transactions. The identity of portfolio companies and historical deals is confidential for privacy and competitive considerations, as many entities & transactions have involved privately-held entities or are still in “stealth mode.” Galaxy Ventures is interested in ventures & industry sectors described generally in About, among others:

Examples: Current & historical Galaxy Ventures & principal portfolio investments, clients and activities include:

  1. BulletGlobal market-leading fitness/diet/health firm

  2. BulletCleanTech waste/coal gasification + hydrogen/syn-fuels firm

  3. BulletTransdermal patch/blood glucose monitoring medical devices

  4. BulletSoftware/Web search/browsing enhancement venture

  5. BulletWeb services/SaaS firm

  6. BulletiPhone/smart-phone software/social gaming venture

  7. BulletMarket-leading direct-marketer of consumer products

  8. BulletSeveral innovative firms in the beverage/food industry

Examples: Galaxy Ventures', principal(s)' and related transactions, liquidity events and activities have included:

  1. BulletInitiated substantial private equity transaction for the majority acquisition of & investment in our client

  2. BulletOriginated & co-negotiated sale of selected portfolio company assets to a near-Billion dollar, private, industry-leading firm—including one of the largest Internet domain name sales ever

  3. BulletInitial Public Offering (IPO) of technology company

  4. BulletVarious notable venture capital and private financings

  5. BulletConsulted on formation of new hedge fund

  6. BulletNegotiated profitable out-of-court settlements of various legal cases for portfolio company

Information on specific portfolio companies and transactions may be disclosed in the future, as appropriate.


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